About BTP

BTP Inc. is a film and music production company. BTP Inc. was created in 1998 on the campus of Michigan State University by Anthony R. Barnes and Marcus G. Davenport. BTP Inc has been completely funded by the personal earnings of Marcus G. Davenport. BTP Inc. has produced the independent documentary film “Flint Star” which has sold thousands of independent copies worldwide since being created in 2003.

Marcus G. Davenport depleted all personal savings and was forced to used a great deal of credit cards to create, produce, promote, and distribute the film “Flint Star”. The filmed gained national and international notoriety for its unique subject matter. Flint Star has consistently sold independent DVD’s since 2003.

Flint Star highlights Flint, Michigan’s historic love affair with Basketball. This film transcends racial and social-economic boundaries and highlights Flint’s enormous talent pool in a positive and realistic fashion. This two-hour film examines Flint’s seemingly endless pipeline of basketball talent, from it’s elementary school roots to the limelight of professional basketball. In addition, this documentary re-exposes some of the legendary athletic pioneers who have worked to establish Flint’s reputation as a basketball Mecca.

Flint Star consists of live footage and interviews with educators, community leaders, coaches, students, police officers, local basketball fanatics, current and former NBA players, and media personalities. Furthermore, Flint Star paints a realistic picture of the daily obstacles that children must overcome in order to achieve their dreams. This documentary also deals with the harsh realities of the inner-city plight, while showcasing the dynamic blue collar work ethic that “FlintStonians” exhibit. Flint Star is more than just a movie about basketball; this is a documentary about hope, pride, dreams, and the desire for a better life.

BTP Inc. has used local small business outlets, street vendors, and the internet as the primary method of generating capital for over 20 years.